College Application Month – Educators

Preparation for the 2019 College Application Month (CAM) campaign has begun!

If you are an educator within a Nevada high school and would like your campus to serve as an official CAM site, please contact .

If your school is already signed up, the Site Coordinator will be contacted regularly with information to make this event a success.

If you are an educator in Clark County, there will be a new opportunity this year for seniors. Apply NSHE events will be scheduled in October. These are larger, one-stop shops for seniors and their parents to attend and complete college applications and FAFSAs. Registration is preferred. More information, including an event specific website will be posted in the coming months.

Not ready yet? Click here to learn more about what it means to be a CAM site: CAM 2018 Interest letter


Resources available for High School Site Coordinators:


Site Coordinator Manual Part 1 – Pre-Event Planning and Student Preparation: 2019 Updates coming soon!


Site Coordinator Manual Part 2 – During and After Your Event – 2019 Updates coming soon!


Question and Answer/Training Sessions via video for Site Coordinators:

A series of video Q&A/Training session will be available in September. Check back for updates!


Event Recommended Timeline: Site Coordinator Timeline (rev June 2018)

Event Checklist: Site Coordinator Checklist (rev June 2018)

Letter/Communication Templates: 2019 Templates coming soon!

NSHE Admissions and Financial Aid Information for College Application Month: 2019 Updates coming soon!

Data Collection:

We have sign-in sheets for students to use as they enter application events. When the event is over these sheets will be used to compile the information we need to send to the American College Application Campaign.

Please follow your school district’s FERPA rules on uploading this information. If you are able to upload the actual sign in sheet, our office will compile the information for you. It is fine if you need to black out some of the students on the list but please keep a running total of those students so we can still use them in the overall count. If you are not able to upload the sheets, the compiling will have to happen at the high school and you can send the compiled numbers to me via email at The information we need is 1) how many seniors participated in your application events and
2) how many applications were submitted during your events.

Student Sign-in Sheet: We have sign-in sheets that can be used to track student participation and applications. The sign-in sheets should be used whether the high school coordinator or a college representative is hosting the event. If you already have something similar that you use, please continue to use what works for you. As long as the same information can be tracked and reported, a different system is fine. CAM-Sign-in-HS-CollegeRep

Tracking/Compiling Spreadsheet: Using this spreadsheet it optional. If you are compiling the information yourself, you may find it helpful but it is not required. Feel free to modify the sheet to your needs. CAM-Compile-Results

Data Submission Upload Link: Thank you for submitting your results for 2018!! This link will be active again in time for the 2019 application season.

Since the FAFSA is now released on October 1st, many financial aid workshops are run at the same time as application events. For a quick rundown of the FAFSA basics, read this document: NCAN-FAFSA-101.

Forms for Student Preparation:

College Research Worksheet for Students: 2018 – New College Research Worksheet final

College Application Worksheet for Students: 2018 New College Application Worksheet final

Student Instructions for Day of Event: 2018-Student Instructions on Day of Event

What’s Next Form: 2018-WhatsNextHandout

Understanding Financial Aid Award Letters: Understanding Financial Aid Award Letters