Middle School

Grade 6

  • Say out loud “I am going to college”
  • Set personal and academic goals for this year
  • Aim for academic challenges – Seek college preparatory classes
  • Get perfect attendance
  • Study hard!
  • Take a look at video below to learn about note taking in class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udhcKFQeiWM

Cornell Note Taking Graphic

  • Get involved in school activities and student government
  • Join community-based organizations or recreational centers – Register for drama, drawing, gymnastics, or basketball and soccer leagues.
  • Attend a college fair
  • Explore careers and educational programs that lead to those careers. Check out Big Future’s resources: https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/explore-careers
  • Visit GoToCollege.Nevada.edu to learn about Nevada’s universities and community colleges

CCSD College FairGrade 7

  • Say out loud “I am going to college”
  • Strive for A’s and B’s!
  • Focus on improving math and English skills
  • Take a foreign language class
  • Take courses needed for the college preparatory track in high school
  • Seek help from a tutor to complete college preparatory coursework
  • Look aheadCreate a pathway that will lead to college
  • Check out what’s new at GoToCollege.Nevada.edu
  • Visit a college campus with the whole family
  • Become familiar with college terms such as bachelor’s degree, undergraduate, financial aid, tuition, professor, degree plan and full-time student status

Grade 8

  • Say out loud “I am going to college”
  • Be sure to take algebra in 8th grade – It is a jump start on math in high school!
  • Take a foreign language
  • Take the ACT ASPIRE assessment test to measure the skills and knowledge needed for college success
  • Become involved in leadership programs at school such as student government, theatre, JROTC or athletic teams
  • Talk to a counselor about Magnet Schools and Career & Technical Academies for high school – These schools have specialized programs in aviation, performing and fine arts, communications, law preparatory, veterinary and medical sciences, computer animation, engineering, and more
    • To learn more and apply for a Magnet Schools or Career and Technical Academies in Clark County, visit http://magnet.ccsd.net/
    • See the Washoe County School District website for information on Magnet Schools in Washoe County.
  • Explore college and career information resources available online – Start at GoToCollege.Nevada.edu
  • If you have an idea of where you would like to go to college start to think about college budget and expenses – Tuition, books, and housing costs