College Journey Printable Handouts

We have available full color, printable handouts for students in grades PK-12. These flyers are filled with assorted tips and information about going to college, career exploration, STEM, college savings, and more. They can be used by teachers, counselors, and parents. We hope that students will find them to be fun and informative, especially as they approach the time to apply to college. Just email and indicate the grade level you are interested in. We will send a pdf that can be printed.

picture of PK-2 handout    picture of grades 3-5 handout

Grades PK-2:    Coming Soon!                 Grades 3-5: Coming Soon!

picture of grades 6-7 handout    picture of grade 8 handout

Grades 6-7: Coming Soon!                        Grade 8: Coming Soon!

picture of grade 9-10 handout    picture grade 11 handout

Grades 9-10: Coming Soon!                   Grade 11/Junior Year: Coming Soon!

picture grade 12 handout












Grade 12/Senior Year: Coming Soon!