Nevada Savings Plans


The best way to prepare for meeting the costs of college is to begin saving early. Set aside money each month, to build a college fund.

Nevada College Savings Plans

One innovative option is the Nevada College Savings Plans (also known as a “529 plans”). With the Nevada College Savings Plan, you can open an account on behalf of a designated beneficiary. Your contributions can be invested in Prepaid Tuition Contracts (which allow you to lock in your tuition expenses at the current year’s rate for future attendance), or contribute to professionally managed investment portfolios.

Call the Office of the State Treasurer toll free for more information at (888) 477-2667 or at

You can also contact your personal financial institution and inquire about what college tuition savings plans they may offer.

Nevada Prepaid Tuition

Tomorrow’s tuition at today’s prices! It is never too early to start planning for college expenses. This program allows you to purchase tomorrow’s college tuition at today’s rates and it offers affordable payment options. Credit hours may also be applied to out-of-state public or private colleges or universities. See the website for more information at: