High School – Freshman


Grade 9

    • Say out loud “I am going to college”
    • Talk to a counselor about high school diploma options– Honors, Advance Placement, and International Baccalaureate.
    • Set a goal for a high GPA – Each college has different GPA requirements and academic scholarships
    • Know the necessary credits and exams to graduate.
    • Follow the Nevada College Readiness Standards – High school coursework should include algebra or geometry, English, social studies, biology, and a foreign language during freshman year
    • Get involved in leadership activities at school and stay involved until graduation
  • Visit GoToCollege.Nevada.edu regularly for college planning tips
  • Know the eligibility requirements for the Nevada Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship, visit http://www.nevadatreasurer.gov/GGMS/GGMS_Home/
  • Explore careers and education paths needed – https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/explore-careers
  • Explore the opportunities offered at community college high schools and dual credit programs – A student may graduate high school with college credits completed. Some students can even graduate with an associate degree at the same time as they graduate from high school
  • Become familiar with college admissions requirements of various colleges – Attend a college fair
  • Draft a resume that includes activities, awards, community service, and other unique educational experiences – A helpful tool for writing scholarship applications
  • Increase family involvement in high school, such as attending open houses, sporting events, and fairs
  • Meet with high school counselors and teachers regularly about academic progress
  • Understand the federal financial aid process, visit Federal Student Aid.
  • Continue to contribute to a college savings plan, visit Nevada College Savings Plan.
  • It’s never too early to start preparing for college admission exams.  EdReady will help you be ready to not only achieve success on college admission exams, but be ready for college courses.

The Value of Extracurricular Activities Infographic