2010-2011 CACG Recipients

Nevada CACG Grant Recipients for 2010/2011

Community-Based Organization

Jackie Locks, Executive Director, After-School All Stars, Las Vegas

2011 CampUs Las Vegas:  With the assistance of middle and high school principals/counselors, ASASLV will select 50 ASASLV students entering 9th grade at Basic High School, Canyon Springs High School, Rancho High School and Sierra Vista High School to participate in CampUs Las Vegas, free of charge. Four successful students entering 12th grade will be selected as high school mentors to provide insight on high school readiness. Complimenting these students’ experiences will be those of the program staff, chaperones, activity leaders, and guest speakers.  The objectives are to (1) prepare at-risk students for academic/social success in 9th grade, (2) clearly connect student interests with their high school, college, and career options, (3) build relationships between campers and community role-model mentors, and to (4) teach students important study, leadership, and college application skills.  The activities selected to deliver the objective at CampUs Las Vegas will include the following: High School Transition, Study Skills, College Readiness, Leadership, Service Learning, Sports Based Youth Development, Career Exploration, and Mentorship.

Award Amount $38,635
Agency Match $50,925

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Dean’s Future Scholars at the University of Nevada, Reno

Bob Edgington, Counselor, UNR

A Research Based, Relational Approach to Increase High School Graduation Rates and Enrollment in College:  The Dean’s Future Scholars (DFS) in the College of Education at UNR proposes to increase and enhance their weekly mentoring and tutoring series to at-risk, low-income, and underserved students from Hug High School, North Valleys High School, and Washoe High School.  They propose an extensive academic summer program focusing on earning high school math credits or college credits.  The program will increase the numbers of underserved students graduating and entering at NSHE institutions.  Mentoring and tutoring services are provided by trained, local, low-income UNR students who travel to area schools and meet weekly with the targeted students.  High school students are encouraged to build positive relationships with their teachers and counselors.  The parents of these students will be invited to the UNR campus to meet with neighborhood college students who offer successful strategies for the parent to encourage their children to graduate and enter college.  During summer 2011, these students will register for WCSD summer school math course for credit at the UNR campus.  UNR students will tutor the high school students during the summer math program.  Students who previously completed the WCSD math requirement will enroll in 6 UNR summer school credits and be hired as a paid, on-campus intern during the summer.  UNR DFS staff will mentor and tutor these high school students during summer to ensure a successful college experience.

Award Amount $60,000
Agency Match $60,000

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Southern NV Career and Technical Education Pathways to Success by a partnership between the College of Southern Nevada and the Nevada Public Education Foundation

Warren Hioki, Executive Director of Technical Programs and High School Partnerships

Southern Nevada CTE Pathways to Success:  Funding from the College Access Challenge Grant Program’s GoToCollegeNevada initiative will enable CSN to partner with the Nevada Public Education Foundation (NPEF) in making college preparation a top priority for students from 12 eligible CCSD high schools. A myriad of activities will be conducted, all focusing on creating college awareness and specifically encouraging Nevada high school students to enroll in established CCSD and CSN career and technical education (CTE) programs of study (POS). Mandated by the Nevada Department of Education, POS are designed to link secondary to postsecondary CTE career pathways that lead to degree and certificated programs. College access to these programs includes CSN’s three major Schools: the Ralph and Betty Englestad School of Health Sciences, the School of Advanced and Applied Technologies, and the School of Business, Hospitality, and Public Services. CSN’s Division of Apprenticeship Studies will also be included. Through the collaborative partnership with NPEF and its affiliates, local business and industry subject matter experts (SMEs) will be strategically paired with CSN’s academic faculty in over 30 high-tech, high-salary degree and certificated CTE career programs. Together, they will present captivating information to students on career opportunities, real-world testimonials from SMEs, and engage students in career planning. Student Services will conduct a “GoToCollegeNevada: Parents Night Out,” with activities focusing on career services, financial aid, counseling, library services, student organizations, and more. CSN’s Testing Center will provide Math and English placement exams and practice testing sessions, including information on placement exam locations, times, and procedures.

Award Amount $91,416
Agency Match $94,177

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Success First program at Truckee Meadows Community College

Patty Avila-Porter, Access Program Manager

Success First:  Truckee Meadows Community College will use its grant to enhance its program, Success First, which is targeted at first generation, low income high school students. The purpose of the program is to recruit, mentor and provide support services for high school students (grades 9-12) and their families as they prepare to enter college in Fall 2011. Research indicates that students whose parents did not attend college are more likely than that their non-first generation peers to be less prepared academically for college, lack adequate knowledge and resources regarding financial assistance, and tend to experience more difficulty in acclimating to college once enrolled. These students are at greater risk for not completing a degree due to the lack of academic preparation, financial resources, and acclimating to college life and college rigor. The proposed targeted recruitment and intervention strategies will reach out to first-generation students both before and during college to mitigate the difference between them and their nonfirst-generation-generation peers and help TMCC reach its goal of recruiting and retaining all students.

Award Amount $149.862
Agency Match $154,630

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Students United to Reach Goals for Education by the Boys and Girls Club of Truckee Meadows

Community-Based Organization

Charles Walker, Coordinator, Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows

Students United to Reach Goals for Education:  Students United to Reach Goals for Education (SURGE) is a comprehensive college preparation program developed for the students at Hug High School. SURGE integrates effective strategies, quality resources, and a network of support to give low-income students better access to college. SURGE has four primary components that work together to create a cohesive program.  First is Goals for Graduation, a program that helps students set and achieve their goals. The program begins with small, short-term goals and builds up to participants creating goals for the academic year and a career plan. The second component is mentoring, which involves Club staff and peer mentoring. Through peer mentoring, current college students will be assigned to SURGE participants and help them navigate the high school graduation and college application process.  The third component of SURGE is test preparation classes for high school proficiency exams, SAT and ACT. All test prep classes and materials are provided at no cost to the students. The fourth and final component of the program is College Info Nights, where parents and students attend informational sessions together about financial aid and the college application process.  Students and parents also have an opportunity to tour local college campuses.  The overarching goal of the program is to ensure that students from all socioeconomic backgrounds understand that college is as accessible to them as their peers, and that with a little hard work, they too can obtain a college education.

Award Amount $38,096
Agency Match $38,248

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Together for a Better Education: Increasing College and Career Aspirations and Parental Involvement/Juntos Para Una Mejor Educación at the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

Nora Luna, Nevada, Assistant Professor, Nevada Cooperative Extension

Together for a Better Education/Juntos Para Una Mejor Educación:  The workshop series meets 2.5 hours once a week for six weeks.  The program brings together partners from high schools, local colleges, families of 9-12th grade students, college-age mentors, and University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (UNCE) staff. This experiential program engages youth and parents in learning about ways to succeed in school and prepare to go to college. The session topics include: making education a family goal; school communications; knowing the school system; standards and testing; options after high school and financing higher education; roads to higher education; and moving to action. UNCE proposes to implement the program in both English and Spanish at partnering Las Vegas high schools.  UNCE proposes to serve approximately 240 participants with 18 contact hours.

Award Amount $108,408
Agency Match $108,351

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Leadership and Education for the Advancement of Diversity for Student Success by a partnership with the UNLV Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce, and the Clark County School District

Jose Melendrez, Assistant Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, UNLV

L.E.A.D for Student Success:  The UNLV L.E.A.D. for Student Success Initiative is a community base education and service program bringing together the UNLV, the Latin Chamber of Commerce, and the Clark County School District to increase the number of underrepresented, low income, and diverse youth to go to college in Nevada.  L.E.A.D. will build on the successful 17-year history of the Latino Youth Leadership conference combined with UNLV’s Multicultural Youth Conference to create more opportunities for exposure and interaction. Included in this effort is focused information and training in alternative career pathways into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. High school students be paired with and mentored by current college students.

Award Amount $141,172
Agency Match $141,172

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Preparing High School Students for College Biomedical Engineering: Orientation and Hands-on Experiences at the University of Nevada, Reno

Xiaoshan Zhu, Interim Director and Assistant Professor Biomedical Engineering, UNR

Preparing High School Students for College Biomedical Engineering: Orientation and Hands-on Experiences:  A college degree in biomedical engineering (BME) instantly identifies a candidate as having training in both engineering and life science, and strengthens the candidate’s competency in job markets.  Aiming at interested high school students in college BME education, this project designs and conducts three activities: (1) teaching expertise training of high school teachers; (2) lab tours and seminars; and (3) summer camp. The expertise training on teachers will facilitate the development of new BME curriculum or after-school programs in participating high schools. The lab tour and the seminars will enhance student and parent understanding of BME as a viable career, funding support, the college application processes, and the BME job market perspective and sustainability. The summer camp will seed scientific interests to high school students through hands-on experiences and encourage them to pursue college education or develop a career plan in BME.

Award Amount $59,996
Agency Match $59,996

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Yes You Can Attend College at the University of Nevada, Reno

Fabienne McPhail Naples, Associate Vice-President for Student Success Services, UNR

Yes You Can Attend College:  The target population is low-income, first generation, and underrepresented students with the potential to go on to college.  Hands-on support will be provided to all participants including twenty-four 5th year seniors currently enrolled at Hug.  In order to build a strong pipeline between the two institutions, UNR plans to embed a full-time UNR trained professional at Hug High School to facilitate coordination of the Yes You Can Attend College Program.  Career planning and financial literacy are woven into all college readiness activities.  Formative and summative assessment assures that the program will meet its goal.  The program includes (1) mentoring program between UNR faculty and community professionals and Hug High School students (ASCENT); (2) a series of structured College Application Workshops and financial aid workshops; (3) a UNR college success class that will result in college credit for Hug High School Seniors; (4) a Summer Immersion program that will include UNR math and English placement  exams, a developmental math class, and a two-day early orientation that will address specific needs of each participant.

Award Amount $60,000
Agency Match $60,000

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College of Southern Nevada Accelerated Associate of Arts, Teacher Education

Dr. Dale Warby, Department Chair and Professor, Department of Education, CSN

The CSN Accelerated Teacher Education Program is designed to provide students with an option to complete their education requirements at a faster pace. ATEP offers all required education courses in flexible formats; (4, 6 and 8 week courses, weekends; online, live, and hybrid), and courses are complemented by a suite of student support structures and intrusive counseling methods to offer students the best opportunity for success. Program participants will work with the Project Coordinator to develop Individual Teacher Education Plans unique to their educational and support needs, and these plans will function as contracts between the Program and students as they work toward completion. Participants receive directed intrusive advising, tuition and course fees, books, and laptop borrowing privileges. Students will also benefit from continued mentoring after graduation.

Award Amount  $59,443
Agency Match  $26,517

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College of Southern Nevada Accelerated Associate of Business

Dr. Clarissa Cota, Department Chair, Business Administration, CSN

CSN’s Accelerated Associate of Business Program is designed for students who have declared intent to complete the Associate of Business and who have completed their general education degree requirements. Structured in a block format, courses will be scheduled in 4 or 8 week segments, allowing a student to complete the degree program requirements in a four-month period. Program participants will benefit from intense advising and academic support, directed tutoring and support structures, tuition and course fees, books, and one-on-one mentoring. A complementary speaker series is an additional feature of the program. Two longer workshops and several one-hour lunchtime sessions will expose program participants to issues relevant to their field (Economic Diversification and Job Readiness and Preparation) as well as workforce preparation topics (such as resume development, interviewing, etc.). A cohort of 30 students will be selected through a competitive application process for initial program participation.

Award Amount  $92,701
Agency Match  $50,446

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