2019 Conference Schedule-At-A-Glance


Some of our presenters have submitted their materials for future reference. Please see the list below.





The Road to College: It’s a Family Affair: B2-TheRoadtoCollege
Combating Math Anxiety
College Credits While in High School
Barriers of First Generation College Students
Serving Rural Communities
A Student-Centric Approach o First Gen Success
DACA/Undocumented Resources of Nevada State
Impacting Youth Through Career Exploration
Freezing Verification Melt for Low Income Students
Who Does the Committee Really Want?
Driving Up STEM Appeal: Technology Access for All: A2-STEMAppeal
Nevada’s Gateway Course Success Initiatives: D2-GatewaySuccess
Librarian/Faculty Collaboration for Diversity: E4-Librarian-fac-collab-diversity , E4-DiversityLessonPlan-FinalPoster
College Access for Minority Males in Nevada
Apply NSHE: A System Approach to College Access: E3-ApplyNSHE
Epic Steps to Veteran Victory on your Campus
Using ACT Data to Increase Student Success: B3-ACT
Strengthening College Pathways for CTE Students
“To STEM or Not to STEM”…That is the Question
Is College Still Worth It?
No Greater Odds Roundtable
Nevada Promise at CSN – An Overview :www.csn.edu/promise

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