CoNVerge Program 2016

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Title Brief Description

eNVisioning Equity for Students in Poverty

The aim of this presentation will be to examine experiences of students who live in poverty as they navigate K-12 educational systems. First, an overview of social class theories and statistics will be provided. Then, stereotypes and myths about poverty will be problematized. Finally, the presentation will conclude with recommended strategies.

The “Jump Start College” Dual-Enrollment Program

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“Jump Start College” is an effective partnership between Western Nevada College and fourteen Nevada high schools. Students in thirteen high schools take 15 credits per semester, with many on track to attain an Associate of Arts degree concurrently with high school graduation.

Tech at School: Engaging the 21st Century Student!

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Looking for effective ways to energize the teaching and learning process? Most leading frameworks and standards, such as Universal Design for Learning (UDL), suggest educators use active and technology-rich approaches to teaching and learning. This session will offer demos of favorite tech tools as well as resources for further exploration.

Transparent Assignments Enhance Students’ Success

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Transparency in assignments boosts students’ success (and especially underserved students’ success) significantly in three important areas: academic confidence, sense of belonging, and mastery of the skills employers value most when hiring (Winkelmes et al., Peer Review, Spring 2016).

Strength Based Approach and College Success

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Helping students find success and stay in college can be a challenge. They lose motivation for various reasons and stop attending. The strength based approach encourages students to think about future possibilities rather than limitations thus increasing a successful college experience.

Supporting LGBT+: What We Don’t, Should, and Do Know

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We don’t have all the answers on supporting LGBTQIA+ students- but we’re trying. Through a collaboration of campus entities, we will present our ways in which we are supporting LGBT+ students as well as hear from participants on what their organizations, and peers, are doing to support students.

Technology and Competency Based Approaches to College and Career Readiness

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This session will describe the pilot use of a computer-based and self-paced curriculum through the National Repository of Online Curriculum (NROC). During this session, an Upward Bound Director, a Technology Manager, and an Instructor will discuss challenges and successes from a summer teaching experience.

iNVesting in Rural Postsecondary Education

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Western Nevada College serves a five-county mostly rural area. Identification of student needs and potential roadblocks led to strategies to effectively serve WNC’s rural students. Topics include: dual credit, Latino Outreach and establishing a ‘service hub’ for CTE training.

Providing Post Secondary Education to Rural Nevada


Great Basin College has developed a unique and highly efficient way to deliver high quality postsecondary educational opportunities to rural Nevadans. The presentation will explain in detail how this is accomplished.

Undergraduate Research: Supporting Student Success

Undergraduate research is a high impact practice that contributes to student learning and success. However, first-generation students participate in faculty guided research at lower levels than non-first generation students. This session will explore best practices and how professionals can encourage Nevada students to get involved with research.

Using the Serial Podcast for Co-Curricular Study

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Enhance your summer or extracurricular program by implementing an engaging, project-based, thematic unit using the popular murder-mystery Serial Podcast. Develop critical thinking and analytic skills across the English, math and science disciplines as students examine the events and evidence presented in this exciting, contemporary podcast.

Successful School Instructional Cultures

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Research shows that the most effective methods of learning mathematics require particular classroom cultures. The culture of one classroom can affect an entire school and all stakeholders. Learn methods of building and fostering positive cultures in math classrooms.
This is a heavy participation session with some math.

iNVesting in Nevada’s College-Going Culture

This presentation explores self-reported college and career aspirations of Nevada high school seniors. Although research on college-going culture exists on a national level, our investigation is the first to focus solely on Nevada students. Using survey and observational data, we offer suggestions for enhancing the college-going culture in Nevada.

Building Access and Equity for First-Generation Students

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This program is a holistic overview of the college experience of first generation students. This program will challenge current practices of recruiting and retaining first generation students, and analyze how the entire University can support first generation student success.

Access and Success for First-Generation Latinos.

 How WNC provides access and success opportunities to its largest underserved minority population in a largely rural service area.

Prepping College Freshmen for Success

The first year of college is full of obstacles, and first-generation college students come with their own set of challenges. Learn how we approach, engage, and educate the first year participants in our program. This workshop will offer practical approaches to prepare low-income, first-generation students through various methods.

Girls in STEM: Addressing Gender-Related Beliefs

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Females’ dispositions toward STEM are particularly problematic as a factor that likely contributes to their lower achievement and participation in STEM. Learn what the research says about supporting females in the STEM disciplines and some results of our out-of-school-time program for females in math and technology.

SISTEM – Student Interactions with STEM at UNLV

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SISTEM is a series of talks and hands-on activities for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Modeled after SCIP at UNR, SISTEM gives high school students the opportunity to learn about various STEM careers and research. The session covers program implementation and assessment at UNLV in fall 2016.

Helping Students iNVest in Higher Education

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In this session we’ll dispel myths, explain options for Nevada students, and breakdown overwhelming financial aid terminology for professionals who work primarily with high school students.

CoNVerge- TMCC & GEAR UP Dual Credit Partnership

The Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) Jump Start Dual Credit Program and GEAR UP partnered over the Summer of 2016 to offer a dual credit college class to GEAR UP high school juniors. The pilot program, designed to support college readiness and creation of a college-going culture, also provided useful data, challenges, and lessons learned.

College Admissions for First Generation Students

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The college admissions process can be complicated, especially for first generation students. Learn how one school implemented an effective college readiness program to support their students through the college admissions process.

What Do Kids Really Need to Know?

Research supports that many of the skills students need to know in order to succeed in college are social and emotional in nature. This presentation focuses on what those skills are, and the role school personnel can play in helping kids gain those important life skills and set themselves up for future success.

Illuminating Solar Energy Concepts for Teachers

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In an effort to bring both engineering concepts and engineering design into secondary classrooms, a UNLV group has provided training and materials to teachers in CCSD. During the training, teachers build a solar thermal water heater and immerse themselves in the engineering design process, which is part of the Next Generation Science Standards.

Financial Literacy: Standards to Success

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This session will cover the topic of financial literacy and the growing importance of educating students to be financially responsible citizens. By utilizing the engaging digital resources provided by EverFi, teachers will see and gain access to digital technology to assist in educating on the concepts of financial literacy.

Service Learning and CBPR for Social Change

The UNLV Service Learning Initiative for Community Engagement in Sociology (SLICES) employs a community based participatory research design to engage student learning outside of the classroom and to explicitly incorporate community voice in our inquiry. Our discussion will focus on fostering successful service learning partnerships.

Career Exploration Programs and Pathways to Success

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Utilizing a positive youth development model, this presentation introduces a program approach that offers both introductory and in-depth career exploration, develops 21st Century work skills, and engages employers to support the future workforce. Opportunity youth are provided access to hands on experiences intended to support professional growth.